Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry Manufacturing: Retrieving the Lost Art of Manual Craftsmanship

Wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturingis on the rise these days because marcasite is the hottest material around. Industrialization has taken giant leaps in history since its introduction to the world. It has been a benefit for many industries such as automotive, health and many others. The question still remains: is it possible to apply it to every market niche with positive results? Well, there are some divided opinions about the subject. Read on as we will try to settle this matter forwholesalemarcasite jewelry manufacturing and its beautiful creations.

Master Jewelers

Master jewelers working on wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing are keeping a tradition alive. The process that involves the construction of the pieces is long and intricate. It is a belief from the most prestigious companies that it couldn´t be as great without them. They are involved in the following steps:

  • Designingthepiece – This is perhaps the most human and important step towards the creation of a new jewelry piece. When designing for wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing, artisans can choose many approaches. For example, it is very common to follow a client´s request. Also, going with the latest trend to create something for the common market. Finally, the best pieces always come from the human touch of letting the artisan´s imagination fly.
  • Hand-carving from the wax model – Yes, nowadays in wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing3-d printers are not rare to see. They can create the exact replica of the original model designed in CAD. Although this is true, hand carving gives each piece a unique feel. Round borders and intricate designs are widely benefited from manual craftsmanship. In wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing artisans hand carve and finish every model from the wax one to the final polish.

Why is it Important to Maintain the Legacy?

Maintaining the legacy alive in a world dominated by machines is very important. Keeping every piece unique and giving a human touch to luxury is a definite must. Just like in any other industry, wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing utilizes technology. Also, like in many other industries, the final touches are human. Maintaining the legacy is to employ artisans and allow them to teach others the secrets of the craft. Maintaining the legacy is crucial to remain classy, luxurious and stylish.

Getting Places Where Machines Can´t Go

Human mind and human hands can give something a machine cannot to a piece: feeling. In the process of wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing, it is important to have both approaches. Machines can make a mathematical exact copy to a model designed in CAD. Human hands can take that beyond exact and give it a certain feel that can be appreciated by the user. Human hands take pieces places where machines can´t go.

The Human Touch Makes a Difference

No piece is equal to the next; nor does it feel the same way in your neck, fingers, ears or wrists. This is because the human touch in each of them makes the difference. Wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing needs to be finished off by an experienced artisan. Beautiful craftsmanship is even more beautiful when it has a feeling.

Marcasite and Its Return to the Mainstream

Marcasite is a material that has been around precious stones since Victorian times. With the different generations and trends, it changed styles and how it´s worn. What remains the same, though, is the feeling of wearing a timeless piece that never goes out of fashion. This is one of the main reasons why wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing is making it back to the mainstream. You will see more and more of this material on the runways as well as on the street.

Why is Marcasite Perfect for Manual Craftsmanship?

This match made in heaven is what makes wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing different from the rest. The material, marcasite is completely malleable and can be turned into very intricate pieces. Skilled artisans, state of the art machinery and imagination make wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing amazing.


Buying wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing is the perfect bet for today´s world. Don´t hesitate for a second and let the skills of expert artisans take your outfits to the next level. wholesale marcasite jewelry manufacturing is keeping hand craftsmanship alive and doing it in style.